Girder plug-in for PowerMate

Version 3.1.  MMcM 09/05


This plug-in interfaces to the Griffin PowerMate USB control knob.

Events are generated when the knob turns or is pressed. The event payload is the increment as a decimal number. Almost always, this is 1, since the program keeps up with the device. To handle this properly as a count, such as when simulating keyboard input, an action is provided that calls a command [pld1] times.

Additional actions are provided to adjust the LED on the knob: its brightness and whether it pulses.


The original download location for this plug-in's installer is here. An archive containing the files for manual installations is here; source is also available here.

These are the files contained in this archive and what purpose they serve.


  • The PowrMate.sys device driver must be installed, but the PowerMate.exe program must not be running. Normally it starts with Windows. You may need to remove it from HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run using regedit or msconfig.
  • The PowerMate device driver must be version 1.5 or newer. Non-blocking I/O does not work properly in earlier releases and the plug-in depends upon it.
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    This plug-in is released as open source under The MIT License. You use it at your own risk. See license.txt for details.


    To report problems or make suggestions, post a message to the Girder forum, rather than sending email directly.