Girder plug-in for changing the registry

Version 1.7.  MMcM 06/03


This plug-in changes a value in the Windows registry. The key and value must already exist (mainly to prevent typos). They are specified as root\key\value. Root is HKEY_CURRENT_USER or HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. The unnamed value can be specified by the empty suffix or (as in regedit) with @. The new value string can contain variables to be expanded. For REG_DWORD, the value can be decimal or hexidecimal with the 0x prefix.

The sample file shows how to switch the current sound playback device. This only works well on Win2K/NT. On WinME/98, a reboot is required. There is therefore a special wave device switching plug-in. See the readme file for that plug-in for more details.


This plug-in is released as open source under The MIT License. You use it at your own risk. See license.txt for details.


To report problems or make suggestions, post a message to the Girder forum, rather than sending email directly.