Girder plug-in for calling Java

Version 0.3.  MMcM 06/03


These are the files contained in this archive and what purpose they serve.


This plug-in is designed to call Java code. It wraps the Girder API.

The Java documentation is here.


  • You may need to adjust Girder's path in ... if Java is not normally in the path. You will need both jre\bin and jre\bin\hotspot.
  • The JVM currently listens for a remote debugger unconditionally on port 1999.
  • Nothing has been done about wrapping the OSD functions. This does not seem necessary, since they are available in separate plugins. If it were done, there would be a GirderOSD class to wrap both the settings and the display. It would have to take care of drawing on the DC given a string and so on.
  • Terms

    This plug-in is released as open source under The MIT License. You use it at your own risk. See license.txt for details.


    To report problems or make suggestions, post a message to the Girder forum, rather than sending email directly.